Week 1 2022

Stuff that happened

  • Back into first week of work post-Christmas break. The break was much needed and allowed me to gather perspective on what we’ve achieved so far and what’s important to focus on for the coming year:
    • building relationships
    • supporting senior leaders in focussing on vision and handing strategy down
    • building strategy collaboratively with peers
    • enabling and coaching teams to focus on outcomes as part of the strategy
  • Made an effort to start learning Spanish again. Allowed it to slip last time but found a great resource (see below) and now committing hard to it
  • Wallpapering (for the very last time in my life – tip: just pay someone to do it)

Side Projects

  • Some small elements of marketing work
  • No progress on Entredu but will be picking this back up next week
  • The Company Handbook is now in customer integration. This is to be picked up again next week
  • Completed editing of episode 2 (eventually) and sent over to Si Jobling. If this is going to be a thing, I need to be better at organising the time to do the editing part


  • Had two weeks off so not as intense as previous weeks
  • 2 swimming sessions rather than three but this was due to the lifting causing massive DOMS. Listened to my body rather than pushing through, as I normally would, and doing myself an injury
  • Lifting set to match previous weights
  • First outdoor bike ride in a long time. Felt AMAZING.
  • Workouts:
    • 2 swim sessions
    • 3 lifting sessions
      • Max deadlift: 130kg
      • Max squat: 115kg
      • Max bench: 72.5kg
    • 1 indoor bike ride (60 minutes cardio session)
    • 1 run: 2.5 miles in 21:28 with pain in ankle because of the road impact
    • 1 outdoor bike ride: 17 miles in 80 minutes

Currently Reading/Listening



Interesting Thoughts

  • The Serenity Prayer. Aligns very much with my readings around stoic philosophy.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference

Reinhold Niebuhr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serenity_Prayer

Anything Else?

  • Started watching Peaky Blinders again after the announcement that the final season is due to start. Still amazing.