Be An Artist

Photo by Luis Alfonso Orellana on Unsplash

Many organisations aren’t inherent risk-takers and they don’t like to hire people who take risks. They want you you to do what you’re supposed to do, they want you to paint by numbers, and they hire people who like to do that.

The trouble with painting by numbers is that everyone paints the same way and your picture looks the same as everyone else’s. If this is you that puts you in a really risky position because it’s easy to find someone else who paints by numbers. You’re replaceable.

Equally, organisations who are full of people paint by numbers are in a really risky position. What happens when the picture changes? Maybe this time there are no numbers. You now have a situation where everything is different and no-one knows what to do.

There are too many people who like to paint by numbers and too many organisations who want people who paint by numbers. This is fine when times are good but times never stay good.

When times are bad, organisations need artists. Artists are hard to find. Artists aren’t replaceable. The best organisations recognise this and create a culture where artists thrive because the know the world isn’t paint by numbers.

Be an artist.