Change text written in neon lights.
Image by Ross Findon

Things change. Things always change. Many resist change, but they should definitely be grateful for it. Imagine if change stopped when we reached the middle ages – innovation stops, technology stops, medical research stops, everything. I imagine the majority of the people in the world alive today wouldn’t actually be alive.

So why do they resist?

Change allows those who haven’t been dealt the greatest hand in life to make the most of it. Sure, they can’t change their background, their family or their starting finances, but they can change where they live, where they work, who they associate with, what they learn, what they excel in, their future finances and their status in life.

But change also goes the other way. If you’re happy and comfortable then change threatens that. If someone rocks the boat, you might be the one that falls overboard. Change means you either have to adapt or flounder. Many don’t want to make the effort. Many have been comfortable for so long that they don’t know how to adapt any longer.

This is where the opportunities open up. This is how the adapters and innovators and “doers” move forward whilst others watch them pass by. It doesn’t have to be this way – it’s not a zero-sum game because there are always opportunities for those that get out and look for them.

Yet there are more – better – opportunities. What if you’re the one making change happen. That’s where the real opportunity is. Make connections, innovate, initiate, learn, probe, question, suggest, fail, try again, reach out, write, read, do, break things, fix things, make things, buy things, sell things, test, understand, adapt, test again, iterate, stand out and NEVER STOP because you can be damned well sure that the rest of the world won’t.

Those that are making change happen are the ones who will always welcome change because the opportunities it opens up are endless.

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