One Setting

Photo by Ashutosh Dave on Unsplash

I had a thought this morning about the pointlessness of all the settings on my washing machine.

It has:

  • 10 modes
  • 5 temperature settings
  • 4 spin speed
  • an option to start washing immediately or delay the start (who uses that?)
  • and a day or night mode (I have no idea what that is)

By my math (please correct me if I’m wrong), that’s 800 different combinations of settings the washing machine can operate in.

And when I put clothes in the machine, I add the powder and the softener and then put it on exactly the same setting on exactly the same temperature on exactly the speed I always do.

Maybe I’m being short-sighted. Maybe more features = more sales in the world of washing machines. But, for me, more features does not mean a better product. The product should focus on doing a few things really, really well and solve the issue the user has.

I don’t really want a washing machine; what I want is clean clothes. For that, all I need is one setting.