Why Are You Not Changing?

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

I don’t understand those who resist change.

“I don’t like change”, “change scares me”, “I like things how they are”. Mostly, this is a comfort zone thing, but life IS change; Darwin proved that over 100 years ago. If you decide not to change that’s entirely your choice although, don’t be surprised when you find yourself left behind.

What’s worse is those who resist change to protect power or status: business leaders, political leaders, educators, etc. These people are holding others back and stunting their growth to protect themselves – schools of thought, organisations or whole countries.

The world around you is not the same one it was a hundred years ago, ten years ago or even ten months ago.

Once you accept change will happen, you can start to embrace it. Once you embrace it, you can begin to predict it. When you can predict it, you can start to lead it and that’s where the real power lies.