Why We Sprint

A sprinter's feet with the blocks in the foreground
Image by Chau Cédric

This post is purposefully short. It embodies the entire concept of the sprint. It is focused, with a tightly defined end goal.

We sprint because we can see the finish line before we start and know how to get there. There is no need to take things slowly.

We sprint because once we start there is no need to slow down or hesitate.

We sprint because we are in complete control. We rely on no-one and have no extra baggage weighing us down.

We sprint because we know that this is a short burst of intense exertion that we are capable of achieving within the defined parameters. Extending the sprint isn’t an option. You don’t ask a world-class sprinter to keep going once they cross the finish line.

We sprint because it stops us thinking about all the things that could go wrong because we’re entirely focused on getting it right. The lizard brain doesn’t get a chance to interrupt us.

We sprint because there can be no deviation in what we are trying to achieve otherwise we will fail to achieve our goal.

Everybody should sprint. No matter the role, no matter the job, no matter the goal.


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